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Home-selling tips: What not to do

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Home sellers can’t just add their homes in a listing without pimping the house to make it attractive to potential buyers. If the house isn’t selling, then there’s probably something wrong with how you are marketing your property.

Some mistakes sellers need to avoid when putting their property in the market are forgetting marketing, overpricing, neglecting the property’s physical condition, and uncontrolled emotional attachment to the property.

Marketing will always help in selling your home, as it launches your house in the real estate pageantry out there for potential buyers to see and consider. Use all marketing sources available, such as posting on social media sites and handing out flyers around the neighborhood. Make sure to take good photos of the property for distribution.

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Even though you spent a lot of money on your property, it is not fair to ask for a very high price. The property’s value won’t be the same since the day you bought it, and an unreasonably high price might just scare buyers away without so much as a counter-bargain.

Cracked walls, stained floors, broken doors, unkept garden, and a neglected curb are big turn offs. Before putting up your property for sale, fix everything to make the property presentable, appealing, and most of all, livable, and highly functional.

Being to transparent with buyers about your emotional attachment to the property should also be avoided. Over personalizing a home, according to this article, can be a distraction to the overall feel of the house. When selling, make sure to do some repainting to give the house a neutral mood for welcoming a change of ownership.

Most importantly, do not sell the house on your own if you do not know what you’re doing. Not consulting a real estate expert for advice and strategies might be disastrous—the property could sit idly for months and you are shorted in your financial goals.

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