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Online banking: Making safe choices

As Internet use continues to grow and evolve, more and more banks are using the Web to showcase their products and services, reinforce their communications, and conduct their transactions. Over the years, this banking practice has gained the thumbs-up of many investors, whether they belong to the real estate sector or not. In fact, according to a Federal Reserve report there are more than a quarter of mobile owners and almost half of smartphone owners do Internet banking using their devices.

While this is convenience at its finest, Internet banking is not devoid of risks. It places online accounts vulnerable at some point. That is why making good choices can reduce those risks of costly surprises, hacking, and scams. For that matter, USNews.com presents the following online banking security tips. Among the most important of them are the following:

Checking of accounts regularly

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Once detected, suspicious activity should be reported to the bank at once. Regular monitoring of accounts is also a way of ensuring that all posted transactions are authorized by the account holder.

Making it a habit to change passwords always

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This simple yet often neglected online security measure is a practice that the Internet offers as a much safer avenue for banking. Small things like avoiding the same password for multiple sites, mixing up of lower and upper case letters, numbers, and special characters contribute to that added layer of protection.

Accessing accounts from a secure wireless access point

A secure connection, like a private Internet access, boosts banking security. Whereas unsecured wireless access points, including those in coffee shops, train stations, and airports, pose the risk of interception. 

Protection from online fraud is important to any individual or organization. It is important to increase security by making sure that Internet transactions are legitimate and that deposits are federally insured.

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